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* Do you know what DNS zone transfer is?

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DNS zone transfer includes copying the data from the Primary DNS server and duplicating the data into a Secondary DNS server. Having multiple copies of your DNS records on several name servers guarantees better availability in case one of them goes down and faster DNS resolution.

The DNS zone transfer could be one of the following types:

Full zone transfer (AXFR) – This is a complete DNS zone transfer, where the Secondary DNS servers receive a copy of the entire zone file that contains all the DNS records. You could utilize full DNS zone transfer when you add a new Secondary DNS server or when you want to be certain that all of the Secondary servers are up to date.

Partial zone transfer (IXFR) – IXFR zone transfer is just an incomplete zone transfer that includes transferring just the latest changes from the Master DNS server to the Secondary DNS server. It doesn’t duplicate the complete zone file. For that reason, it is perfect when you have added or deleted just several DNS records, and you don’t need to push a large AXFR transfer.

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